A stinkbomb-like prank, created by shitting into a paper towel, wrapping it and twisting the ends (like a big joint). Also known as "the fart's big brother," the duck is then concealed in a hidden area, such as a hole in the wall, the back of a desk, behind a radiator, etc. The paper towel wrapper allows the duck to be stuffed into tight spaces without getting shit on one's hands. Cleverly hidden, it may take days to discover.

"Ducking" is usually planned in advance, but it sometimes occurs spontaneously (e.g. parties). In order to maximize effectiveness, the prior night is often spent drinking cheap beer and eating Mexican food.
"Fuck! Who dropped ass?"
"Ugh, what the fuck, it's been an hour and it still reeks!"
"Dude, I think there's a duck behind the radiator!"
by Water Jones March 26, 2009
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A duck is a wholly wonderful creature. They also say "quack"
Duck: "Quack..."
by Simon April 12, 2004
That thing you yell after you see somebody get hit in the head.
Person A: *gets smacked in the head by a football*
Person B: "...DUCK!"
by Soupy September 21, 2006
Short for dumb fuck. Someone who is being particularly annoying as rather dense.
I think that Molly is a duck
by blackpanther1020 July 11, 2008
A group of ugly broads
"Jay,you go to the club last night?"

"Yea,wasnt nothin but ducks there,so i went over melyssa house to get a deluxe"

"Sho Nuff"
by Jayzahn November 25, 2004
1. An animal
2. Someone who isn't very clever.
3. Thrusting your body towards the ground.
1. The duck went quack.
2. That person is a duck for snorting smarties.
3. Dick Cheney! Duck!
by gamerlex February 20, 2010
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