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Something to do if Dick Cheney is around.

"No, Quail!"
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006
a combination of Yoga and Pilates, as seen on the O.C.
Yogalaties class is about to start!
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006
High fiving from a distance because you are too lazy to get up.
"Virtual 5!"

...why does my example HAVE to have 20 letters and 3 words? This is sufficent. and the whole phrase virtual high 5 is never said alound, yet, it tells me it must be in this example. So, here it is.
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006
Someone trying to be like 50 cent with lots of fake jewlery
"Look! It's 5 cent!"
by J.M.R.x2 April 24, 2006

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