stupid looking
"Ray Ray just got outta jail, robbed a store and went right back. he looking like a duck."
by indi July 29, 2003
The absolute and ultimate insult; which is also used to replace the words fuck and dick.
Example 1: "Go duck yourself, motherducker!"

Example 2: "Suck my duck!"

Example 3:

P1: "you're a whore"
P2: "your mums a whore"
P1: "your face is a whore"
P2: "well your face is a duck"
P1: *starts crying* "thats too far man!"
by BlakSh33p May 17, 2009
Used as people fleeing. In a driveby, the people running would be ducks.
"every time a mac 11 bucks i'm killin at least seven ducks." - Big L
by asdffdsa;lkjjkl; May 05, 2009
What a dog is called when it is about to get a bath.
When Attie is getting ready for her bath and I put her over the sink, she paddles like a duck.
by holly palmer January 07, 2008
the best freakin animal known to mankind. ducks can kill 20 humans using only their bill.
mallard duck
mottled duck
Duckimus Maximus
golden eye
red head
by john t August 29, 2006
'Mi Duck'

Northern name for a friend.
Normally used in the Mansfield area
Ay up me duck
by Sarah June 19, 2004
A code name for "marijuana" coined by a pot-dealer and her friends from Santa Clara, CA. The word has spread from Santa Clara to San Jose in just under 1 year.
"yo, nig, you got ducks?"
"hell yeah what kind you want?"
by suckaduckdickmynig August 09, 2012
A feathery fuck that goes by the name of Kristen. She is quite a quacker and has a tendency flap her wings when she becomes flustered.
Kristen is a duck. That is all.
by ballershockaller November 16, 2010

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