stupid looking
"Ray Ray just got outta jail, robbed a store and went right back. he looking like a duck."
by indi July 29, 2003
All Ducks live on the Moon...
They die on the sun...
They put them in the rocket and send them to the sun!
Ducks kick ass! They live on the Moon with the cows!
by Baha November 03, 2004
auto- correct for Fuck
dude duck off
by Anal_9mm March 05, 2013
An animal that is wicked cute!
"Do you like Ducks?"
"Yes I do, They are sooo cute, Lawlz!"
by [lena] December 30, 2007
Plural of duck, a breed of fowl that lives almost wholly atop freshwater lakes when not nesting, flying, or migrating.
Look! Out on the water! Ducks!
by michael November 11, 2003
Ducks, other known as as vile, terrifying despicable creatures that walk the earth to simply terrify. You try to like feed their ducklings and they're all like "Nah mate, I'll fucking swoop yo' ass"
So then you're like "Holy shit mother fucker!" and you get the fuck out of there!
Me: Aw look, some cute ducklings, let's feed them!

Father duck: Oh hell no! *runs after me with it's head down looking like a demonic piece of shit running at me*

by Duck Hater907y1345609832156 December 16, 2012
To search something on the internet using the search engine DuckDuckGo.
What is the capital of Ohio?
I don't know, I'll duck it.
by Voop McD February 02, 2011
Nottingham slang when referring to a friend.
Ey up me Duck? = Hi, you alright mate?

No Duck = No mate
by bambispam January 04, 2010

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