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Judas Priest's most popular song; the theme song for masturbation.
Patrick's Mom- "PATRICK WE'RE HOME!"

Patrick's Dad- "Where is patrick?"

(the intro to breaking the law is heard up in Patrick's room)

Patrick's Mom- "OH NO, NOT AGAIN!!!"
by gayqui June 14, 2006
The act of talking to your porno.
Jake- "Oh yeah, baby, what are you doing now!"

Patrick- "Jake, are you talking to the computer"

Jacob- "he's jakeing off"
by Gayqui June 09, 2006
a sex position that involves a man ducking under a woman's legs and covering his head by inserting it gently into a woman's vagina for a period of time
i became dizzy after i performed a duck and cover on my girl last night
by gayqui June 09, 2006
Where you accuse people who talk complete shit all the time to get all their information from. Can also be used as a reference to all of the shit in the person's mind.
Patrick- "Dude, everybody else loves America, they all wish they could live here."

Jacob- "You're like a dictionary of bullshit dude."
by gayqui July 11, 2006

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