A combination of sounds that simulate a transformer while climaxing.
Did you hear Skrillex's new dubstep song? It's like Megatron jizzing.
by Josomo April 28, 2011
The language of the Transformers

Me: Gotta love that dubstep!
by Superdeluxe Baconhat April 27, 2011
The only known genre of music that Chuck Norris can whistle.
*wub wub wunnun wub wub blip blip boop wub wub wub"
Man: Who's playing dubstep?
Chuck Norris: I'm whistling, are you criticizing me?
*roundhouse kick to the face*
by TheRazorSoft March 23, 2013
The "disco" of the 2010s.
I love dubstep, it is in no way a gimmicky niche genre which people will make fun of me for liking in 2022.
by Frisco Pete January 24, 2013
The sound a robot makes while having sexual intercourse.
Person1: What the hell is that noise?
Person2: I'm listening to Dubstep
by shampfed245 September 30, 2012
Subconscious yearning of proletarian children on working factory's noise.
That kid better go work at factory than listen to dubstep.
by NotSomeonesRealName August 22, 2012
An electronic genre that is where sub bass is key, do not confuse it with brostep, which is made by artists like Skrillex, that have no soul in them, and are made to make money, much like the rest of America's music.

Dubstep is different than brostep. Remember that!
American: Do you wanna go listen to that new dubstep song by Skrillex?

Dubstepper: No, let's go listen to some actual dubstep like Skream or something.
by Vituperat February 26, 2012

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