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A style of electronic music that is based around drops and wobble-bass. Unfortunately, since this is the case, it all sounds pretty much exactly the same. It's all about break downs, and since that is typically only one part of the song, the rest of dubstep music that isn't wobble-bass and drops sounds like your typical synth beats from pop music, often featuring a female vocalist fed through auto-tune. A lot of people can't listen to dubstep for longer than two minutes at a time because their longer attention span prevents such a collage of wrecking beats and soft synths from mixing in such rapid succession.
1 - Hey, is that Skrillex?

2 - No. Skrillex isn't even dubstep, retard.

1 - Oh, I couldn't tell because I listen to music that has soul.
by BlackPaintonaRedDoor August 29, 2012

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