A genre of Electronic Dance Music which used to be cool until it became mainstream and just a contest to see who can make the filthiest drop.
Person 1: Who are your favourite dubstep artists?
Person 2: Skream, Benga, Nero, Cookie Monsta... what about you?
Person 1: Skrillex and borgore
Person 2: You suck
by le penis head August 03, 2011
Really terrible music, composed of overused gritty sounds and random phrases that really don't add anything to the song. The only way it sounds almost acceptable is if your on tons of drugs. This is the decline of music.. much worse than lady gaga
"man this music fucking sucks.... I really don't see what everyone sees in dubstep"
"no man! you just need to be on drugs"
"fuck that.. this redefines the word deadhead. i'm out of here"
by dobby doo September 23, 2011
A terrible shitty excuse for a music genre, it's sound is quite similar to Megatron taking a big, runny shit.
Bill: I like dubstep!
Bob: I assume you also like taking it in the ass.
by Aeph September 16, 2011
Horrible techno that sounds like a breaking ceiling fan, with a dance style equal to epileptic seizures.
Do you listen to dubstep?
by SilentMirage June 23, 2011
The stupidest and most repetitive "music" in the world.
1: Dude i was just listening to some dubstep, soo prime!

2: So you were just listening to recordings of guys pushing buttons.
by FTW MAWTHA April 03, 2011
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