Short, fat, ugly, cock blocking, swamp, gremlin, that nobody wants to fuck.
She is a stupid duba
by TaylorSmith8723 March 22, 2011
Top Definition
a drunken Irish bastard
That Irish bastard is such a duba.
by Mondaysssssuck August 27, 2009
n. a weird or crazy person who acts out of the ordinary
Karina was a duba when she ran into the street crazily.
by chocolategummydrops January 18, 2014
A guy who is blessed with large ears and may look alot like a mouse. Often says shut up to things he may not like and often begins to tear up when yelled at by teachers. He is not very coordinated and often will fall on his ass after getting out of the shower.
Girl 1: OMG, that guy who fell is such a Dubas!
Girl 2: I know he looks like a mouse too! What a Dubas!
by Derek Krings March 22, 2009
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