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a beautiful girl who doesnt but have a care in the world. she makes her own path and lives by her own rules. she laughs a lot and is HILARIOUS herself. she's gorgeous. and usually has a best friend names shraddha. USUALLY.
you are so DUA.
you just had a dua moment.
by funnystuffisgood February 20, 2011
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Dead Upon Arival
Commonly used by government law/emergency officals and military.
A 911 call of someone Over-Doseing sent paremedics rushing to the scene, but Fred was DUA despite their urgency.
by 0ni0n May 12, 2005
Meaning dirty under-ager

A girl of under 15 who constantly flirts with older boys with the intention to engage in sexual activities- usually doing so with several different boys at the same time.
WOW. how's your DUA getting on??

Duncan is the king of the DUA
by FeakztakulaR :D April 06, 2010

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