A person prone to spreading her legs in public. She is a happy girl, dances in a cardboard box.

She creates dubstep beats out of general phrases such as 'hey im a crab' 'whatcha doin' and 'cheeky'
One of the only known Londoners to complete 'the cinnamon test' without a mass eruption of vomitt.

unhealthy habbit of reading peoples texts. People describe her as 'partyboy'
Kathryn: "did you hear about DuMay?"
Berenice: "that she's got a penis?"
Sophie: "that she queefed on the bed sheets?"
Amira: "that her mum sharted?"
Kathryn: "no, that she partyboyed me across the dancefloor!"
by Bon-kat-Queef January 11, 2010
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Top Definition
fuck you in Vietnamese.
Du may, con cho de...means Fuck you son of a bitch.
by OJ_Phan April 06, 2006

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