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an excellent hip-hop producer. a not-so-good rapper.
Swizz Beatz: IT'S ME BITCHES!!!
by VN503 August 22, 2009
vietnamese insult meaning "fuck your mother". written as "đụ má mày".
toi du ma may (I fucked your mother)
by VN503 July 21, 2009
DJ khaled's (F'KIN' ANNOYING) catchphrase. screams it in nearly EVERY ONE of "his" songs.
50 Cent: "DJ Khaled's fuckin' gay."
by VN503 September 30, 2009
any sound that is completely horrendous and unbearable, hence it would be considered the devil's ringtone
soulja boy's music is the devil's ringtone
by VN503 July 31, 2009

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