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to go for a period of time (usually longer than shorter) without something; sex, drugs, etc.
After their breackup in August, she had a 4 month dry spell from guys.
by nh December 21, 2002
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1. To go for a long period of time without something. This usually refers to illegal narcotics, but can also refer to sex, food, or water.

2. The period of time in which no illegal narcotics can be found inside of a particular area.
1. The Mayans had a long dry spell in which many of its people died from lack of food.

2. "There has been a dry spell in the area; I haven't had my heroin fix in a long time."
by Anynms November 07, 2007
Where you go for a length of time over four months without getting any.
Noobs hasn't hooked up with anyone since october, she's in a dry spell.
by kevork March 07, 2008
A time in a mans life in which he goes without getting laid for a really long time because he's just that unlucky. usually happens between girlfriends and lasts from 6 months- X-amount of years...
"Man i haven't gotten laid in FOREVER"

"Damn that sucks... how long has your Dryspell been?"

"3 years..."

by Dkstalin March 15, 2010
Where you go for a length of time (over four (4) months) without getting any.....
Kate hasn't hooked up and done the 'dirty' with anyone since 2011 - I guess she has been taking care of herself, she's in a dry spell.
by JN-friend February 28, 2013
a period of abstinence from something
After a dry spell due to her condition mom was glad to be able to drive again.
by The Return of Light Joker October 17, 2011

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