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A state of being in which you are so drunk, that you feel that you may or may not be mentally retarded.
I was so drunktarded at the party last night, I don't remember if I took a jacket or not.
by FriendlySpatula October 28, 2005
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A combination of the words drunk and retarded, it simply means retardedly drunk and acting in an idiotic or inapropriate manor.
"Hey why is Dan trying to piggyback on Jordans back?" "Oh don't pay any attention to them they're drunktarded..."
by Dan Tuckers May 11, 2008
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Mode of behavior after one has comsumed great quantities alcohol. This behavior is generally marked by saying and doing things you forgot you did; or rather wish you and everyone who witnessed forgot you did what ever your drunk ass did.
I know Julie was drunktarded when she gave a BJ to a 19 year old at the Stadium
by heather May 04, 2004
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