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In unicycling, an unplanned dismount. Not a fall per se, but something that causes you to step off or otherwise end up off of the unicycle without any injury or dramatic falling.
Unseen bumps can cause occasional UPDs, but as riding ability increases, chances are you will just have the shit scared out of you.
by Uni-wan-Kenobi July 18, 2005
Unimportant Plot Development. The part of an action movie that you fast forward past to get to the interesting stuff.
We'll get to the scene where Vin Diesel poons that guy after we get past all this useless UPD.
by Wolfbrother June 11, 2010
University Police Department. The name of the police department in all of State University of New York schools.
I hate the UPD because they always give out parking tickets for stupid reasons. They should be trying to curb the rape rates instead.
by mujtaba m October 09, 2008
Upland Police Department. (upland California). also U.P.D
all skaters must wear pads and helmet while in the skatepark or u will be cited by UPD
by jackson j May 27, 2006
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