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1. Drunkosity also referred to as "the list" are levels listed from lowest to the highest levels of intoxication.

The Levels of Drunkosity

(Shots designed to get the party started, usually low proof shots.)

1. Kickoff
-The kickoff shot is highly celebrated. Usually with an all around cheers from the room. And once the glass hits the table all drinkers must sound off with a byaah

2. Rookie shot (All rookies must kickoff Twice)
-Anyone may take this shot but all inexperienced drinkers also known as a rookie or noobie must take this second kickoff with the same celebration as the first.

3. Bitch shot (Females must kickoff thrice)
-Again anyone may take the third kickoff, but females must kickoff three times. Note: Many inexperienced females may be good to go after this.

Featured Levels
(These are stages of your intoxication once the heavy drinking begins)

4. Feelin it
-Your face first begins to get warm, but you notice no change in vision or mentally

5. Altered
-When you first start to notice something different. However there are minimal to zero vision alterations.

6. Froggy
-Also known as getting loose. Starting to feel relaxed and ready for anything.

7. Tipsy
-Made famous by J-Kwon as the perfect level to hit up the clubs. Your feeling loose and talkative. Note: A great level to interact with others.

8. Shakey
-Still feeling good with a slight vision change.

9. Buzzed
-The classic level. Feeling good, visions a bit altered, but who cares.

10. Sizzurped
-See sizzurp for understanding. Sizzurped is slightly worse than buzzed with few minor alterations to vision and mobility, but your still on point.

11. Intoxicated
-Level where motor skills begin to alter. Not too bad, but still noticable.

12. Chinky-Eyed
-Eyes begin to squint. The squinting eventually goes away once your body adjusts.

13. Blurry-Eyed
-Squinting is replaced by blurred vision which also clears up for a while.

14. Twisted
-Good level to be during partys, galas, events.

15. Crunk
-Not quite drunk, but close. May occasionally find yourself singing some Lil' Jon, Get Crunk In The Club. About the buzz level of a low grade ganja.

16. Drunk
-Most popular level of drunkosity. Walking begins to get difficult, but your still sociable.

17. Silly
-Starting to do stupid things. Note: It’s very funny to watch a silly person.

18. Sloshed
-Everything begins to slosh together. Words slur badly but you are still aware of your surroundings. Inappropriate comments fly.

19. Slammed
-Getting harder and harder to walk straight. Many people at this stage claim to be just buzzed, but you know.

20. Ripped
-A little worse than slammed, but overall your o.k. Still can comprehend but words may not come out exactly as you plan.

21. Trashed
-Clothes tend to start to come off at this stage.

22. Jacked up
-This is the sequence when one may lay on the ground for 10 or 15 minutes to try and recuperate. Very intoxicated at the time, but this is where heavy drinkers get their second wind.

23. Wrecked
-Once one has recuperated and began drinking again he/she becomes wrecked. Much like trashed except concentration is damn near gone.

24. Bombed
-Starting to get pretty bad here. Conversations are short and usually make no sense. Laughing becomes scarce as this person hits bombed level.

25. Hammered
-Mostly Stumbling around falling into people and objects. This man cannot hide the fact that he is hammered.

26. Hammerous
-Taking a double shot at the hammered stage will grant you the coveted hammerous stage. This stage is an accomplishment and should be celebrated.

27. Shitty
-This person may be found with his head staring at the ground and unsociable. Head throbs and vision is terrible.

28. Tanked
-Gone, well pretty much. If you can fight through this stage you might as well go all the way.

29. Wasted
-From this stage on most everything is not remembered the next day.

30. Plastered
-Right before the stupor stage. This person may get fucked with as they lay unaware on the floor.

31. Stupor
-The drunken stupor begins. Can't comprehend or hold conversations. You may forget what you’re doing or what you recently said.

32. Inebriated
-Still in the stupor and have no idea what is going on.

33. Fucked up
-Still in your stupor and are out of your mind drunk. Your body moves without you telling it to.

34. Demolished
-Getting out of the drunken stupor from the past three levels and you start falling around and becoming aggressive. Note: People in this stage tend to break things on accident or on purpose.

35. Belligerent
-The angry stage of drunkosity. Obscenities fly and even passive drinkers may become aggressive.

36. Obliderated
-At the borderline puke stage. You are very drunk, but can still manage to travel from room to room.

37. Incapacitated
-Starting to lose major functions. May be puking.

38. Annihilated
-First loss of major functions, usually puking or at least dry heaving.

39. Oblidgerated
-May not be able to function at all. Puking becomes heavy.

40. HammerHeaded
-Cannot function. Often lying naked in own puke or piss. Note: This person may need a hospital visit.
Dude, I will top the levels of Drunkosity tonight!
by HammerHeads February 28, 2008
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when you have reched a level of intoxication that everything you do ridiculosity ensues
omg the drunkosity of that girl is AMAZING
by nastasjia December 27, 2009
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