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The only acceptable thing to yell after something awesome (or not) happens.
An exclamation originating from Howard Dean and later made fun of by Dave Chappelle.

Acceptable times to yell BYAAH!!:
1. After you hit someone in the waverly jumbles.
2. After you hit someone in general.
3. After pwning your friend (or anybody else).
4. After something awesome happens.
5. Taking a shower, busting into the oval office, having sex with your wife, breaking a desk, or during a campaign speech.

Unacceptable times to yell BYAAH!!:
1. When you don't know what it means.
2. If the thing you are yelling about is not exciting or nothing is happening.
3. During a campaign speech.
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by SLLABINATOR October 31, 2006
A term used by David chappelle in a
comedy sketch, on the Dave chappelle show!
A term to make fun of Howard Dean.
I got a new car. Byaahh
#dave #dave chappelle show #the show #chapelle #funny
by Keith Jaybird December 07, 2006
Dave Chappelle's new catch phrase, making fun of Howard Dean. Also to be screamed out during a sexual climax.
More...more...that hits the spot, put it rigth there, faster, harder, faster, harder faster harder-BYAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#dg #w #es #se #ses
by TenInchPlaya October 09, 2006
loud, funny version of btch.

derived from dave chapelle
Hey byaah.
#byahh #byah #byaaah #dave chappelle #bitch
by Chelss July 21, 2006
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