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The bar seen often in the animated series "Family Guy."
Peter Griffen went down to the Drunken Clam to see his friend Cleveland
by Michael October 03, 2004
A slutty, drunk, older, slightly trashy looking woman at the bar looking to pick up younger men.
Bro, is that your mom at the end of the bar acting like a drunken clam?
by beast_is_wild May 03, 2009
A drinking game. Drink three bottles of whatever alcoholic substance is in the room. Then say a sentence. Whoever says the first comprehensible sentence loses.
Jill'I eat dsjdsflj"
Jimmy"What's wrong with them?"
Bill"They're playing drunken clam"
Jack" i like burgers."
Bill" Jack is out."
by drinking games January 03, 2013