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1. Someone who is physically dependant on chemical substances.

2. A nickname for Rush Limbaugh or George W. Bush
Rush Limbaugh, George W. Bush, Noel Bush are members of this select group.

See also: druggie
by jesster79 March 03, 2005
Someone who condemns the activities of others while practicing what the others are doing himself.

Someone who thinks the law only applies to other people - rich, white, male Republicans are exempt.
Rush Limbaugh fits this definition of Drug Addict, as does George W. Bush.

See also hypocrite.
by jesster79 January 10, 2006
One who is addicted, pshycicly/physicly to a chemical based drug. Obsessive use and out of control behaviour are accompanied.

2- Heroin,crack, meth, Cocaine, Speed, Ecstasy, and PCP, are the most common drugs a "Drug Addict" May be Addicted to.
Amy Winehouse is a crazy drug addict.

Amy winehouse is a crack whore. (Crack whores are Drug addicts)
by Bonzaii April 06, 2009
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