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adjective describing one as:
courageous, heroic, maliciously sly, witty, funny, outrageously good looking, OUTRAGEOUSLY good looking, apparently god's gift to the world.
Dru is like dan tat, yello and sweet and good to eat.
by andu July 04, 2004
-Someone who is 100% fuckable
-Someone who I would do things to that arent even thought of yet
-Someone that I am going to fuck the hell out of when I see 'em
-He's gonna...WAX THAT ASS
"I am going to ride dru like a cowboy"
by Suzay June 12, 2008
Abbrieviation of 'dude are you serious'. used occasionally in chat rooms.
1- I just sold a mob fone on eBay!
2- How much?
1- £300!
2- DRUS?!?
by Yhtomit December 03, 2006
another word for drunk
Let's get fricken dru!!
by alskdjgalsd;gklasjd;flkjas October 19, 2010
A girl who hates to give head.
Drew is such a Dru, she cant stand the taste of cum
by sanact February 06, 2008

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