Dropping Plates refers to one individual kicking ass, being ruthless, being incredibly cool in a kick ass way, or any other denomination of the above.
ex. im droppin plates on your ass bitch- refers to a guy kicking some other persons ass in a violent brutal, ruthless way and this person is a bitch.
by killallclients55 February 13, 2007
Top Definition
A plate refers to a record. When they say "we're droppin plates on your ass", it means they are making albums. That's why the whole song talks about their music, etc.
We're droppin plates on your ass bitch
by Trikkur May 17, 2007
"Droppin' Plates" refers to records, when used by the recording industry. Droppin' a plate means either throwing a record down on a turntable or taunting with gold records. "Dub plates" are commonly used by DJ's as a one-off copy for their own use. Though mostly used in Reggae, Hip-Hop or Dance Hall music, they're used in virtually any genre.

In summary, it means throwing down records.
"Wew Here we go again, get up
A little somethin' for your earhole, get up
baring a part of my soul again, get up
Disturbed in the house, were droppin' plates"
"Gonna fight the war
And use my music as a weapon"

-Disturbed - Droppin' Plates.
by Mat Barry February 26, 2007
Disturbed song making a reference to the noise and impact resulting from dropping plates of weight from a barbell, comparing their music and attitude to the heavy drop of plates, much like a rap group might say "this how we do, son."
"Disturbed in the house, we're droppin' plates
"'Cause when you hear this shit, you'll get to steppin'
Gonna fight the war, and use my music as a weapon!"
by Wasser_spiegel October 19, 2006
To come down on someone heavily in the metaphorical sense(verbally,emotionally etc.).
Well here I come, I'm droppin' plates on your a** Disturbed - Droppin' Plates
by BR0K3N SA1NT August 30, 2006
something disturbed says in their songs. if you know what it means, please let us know.
i'm droppin plates on your ass
by Jenny S. July 14, 2006
farting, blowing air out of the rectum
Dude, on the plane, i kept droppin plates.
by Hola1234567890 April 09, 2009
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