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To void feces from the bowels: to defecate, to "take a shit."

("deuce" comes from the commonly used "number 2")
I'll be right back, I gotta drop a deuce.
by DJ Conan December 04, 2003
Take a shit, poop, post
Damn, man it stinks in there. Did you drop a deuce?
#posts #deuce #poop #shit #turd
by wolfen October 22, 2012
pinch a loaf, take a dump, you know.
It's associated with "going number 2", because number 2 is "the deuce"
I just dropped a massive deuce in the urinal.
by Diego February 08, 2004
To defecate . To relieve one's self by fecal expulsion from one's anus.

Origin: the frase could have been allocated to this meaning due to the assertion that the dump would be or feel like it was a two pounder. Hence the word 'deuce'. Or, the more commonly accepted origin of this frase is a response to a euphemism for taking a crap: 'going # 2'.
I can't wait to get home so I can Drop a Deuce !
#dump #crap #shit #saisa #poop
by Ian Callahan January 04, 2006
The act of taking a dump, pinching a loaf or dropping the kids at the pool.
I had to go so bad that I was walking like a duck. I'll feel a lot better after I drop a deuce
#taking a dump #pinching a loaf #crapping #dropping a duece #pooping
by seymour heines February 28, 2008
V. To take a crap, create feces, or just give up a massive shiest.
oh my god! i hafta drop a deuce or ill crap my pants!
by Alex December 05, 2003
also known as taking an incredibly stinky poo and then leaving it in someone elses house.
If you ever drop a deuce in my house i swear to god i will kill you
#pooping #shitting #drop a load #pinch a loaf #shit
by Marshall Guy October 14, 2006
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