droping a deuce... another way of saying taking a dump

or.... the old fashoned way... taking a shit!
i gotta drop a deuce
shit man i cant find my deuce!
DEUCES ACES ONE EYED FACEs... all the wilds in poker
by IanK from NJ September 20, 2003
1. The act of deficating.
2. The anticipation of deficating.
1. Sorry I was late, I had to drop a deuce.
2. My stomach is rumbing, I think I'm going to have to drop a deuce pretty soon.
by Andy January 29, 2003
Pulling off a surprise that is most likely shocking; of course this is according to Michael Scott.
"I'm gonna drop a deuce on everyone."
#michael #the office #deuce #scott #surprise
by milkwasabadchoice October 17, 2006
Term most commonly used in Gears of War for scoring 1000 points in a single match or more.

Term originates from the more commonly used definition for deuce meaning to take a shit. Thereby relaying when stated that the player scoring the "Deuce" took a shit all over the opposing team.
Loki: "Hey man guess what, i just drop a deuce by scoring 1189 points in a 10 rounder on Gears of War!"

Jo: "Oh damn, that other team must be pissed!"
#duece #deuce #alot #gears of war #scored #won #defeated
by Mario e. August 09, 2007
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