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The act of performing oral sex.
She didn't really seem to know much about the movie's plot; we suspected that she spent most of the hour and a half in the dark busily smoking a sausage.
by JWAYNE May 04, 2006
Noun, Plural; a group of people with an unfair advantage over others. Also an insult used in online gaming used against players who possess more skill than the competition. negative conotation.
"F'in n00b HAXXORZ!!!!"
"ZOMG u HAXXORZ no wai!"
by JWAYNE May 15, 2006
Verb; To change position or shift slightly in order to free your balls from the side of your leg.
"wait up, gimme a second to unstick."
"I have to unstick every couple of minutes in this heat; the humidity is turning my legs into duct tape."
by JWAYNE May 15, 2006
-an asshole of a person.

-somone ugly enough to be mistaken for a five foot eightish lump of shit.

-a big lump of poo. see dingleberry.
"you fucking poowad!"
"wow, shes a real poowad."
"i cant get this goddam poowad outa my ass hair."
by JWAYNE December 01, 2005
Noun; in MMORPGs such as world of warcraft, an item that can be looted off a killed monster.
"Are there any good rogue drops in RFK?"
"F'in n00b took all the good drops!"
by JWAYNE May 15, 2006

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