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to own someone good like kicking ass but drop dicking them
ad thought he was so good at gaming but alx drop dicked him good
#drop #dick #yo #sushi #nigger
by alx potham January 28, 2008
To go over to a females house and give her dick.
Man I'm finna go drop this dick off for a lil while.
I couldnt go drop dick cus ha mama came home.
#sex #deliver #delivering #going #dick
by Houmane September 19, 2007
Kind of like tea bagging , but you drop your dick on the victims forehead making a slapping sound
When he falls asleep we gonna drop dick him on video
by Grit Sharpenson May 18, 2016
You elbow the person next to you until they are unconcious on the floor, then you drop to your knees and tea bag them while raving your ass off.
She wouldnt stop fisting my asshole, so i DropDicked her on the dance floor.
#tea bag #dick #drop #rave #slut #ball sack #unconcious #ball sack to the face
by werjiojiojhio September 18, 2015
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