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The act of gently placing one's penis on a female's shoulder, asserting yourself as the dominant member of the relationship.
Quack: Yo dude that chick is hot, but she's being a prude.
Kelly C: Homie, drop the dick, show her who's boss!
by itsmekellyc May 03, 2010
A declaration that social customs and unwritten rules are about to be ignored.

In other words, there is no law in the jungle. The biggest most vicious tiger gets to be the alpha male, eat all the meat, and have the most sex. So, this means declaring jungle law is simply declaring anarchy and doing what you want. It's an excuse to be an asshole.
Claire: "What the hell are you doing? I called shotgun."

John: "Well, I'm declaring jungle law and taking it. Suck it."
by itsmekellyc July 29, 2011
(v.) - ejaculating everywhere to cover as much area as possible, like a sprinkler
Kelly: Dammit. Why did you cum all over my face?

Quack: Gotta spread the Gospel.

Jon: LOL
by itsmekellyc April 12, 2011
An uno party is a collection of everyone in a group of friends that is single. Everyone in the group shares stories, secrets, and boxes of tissues. Occasionally, someone may cry, but it was only for 20 minutes so shut the hell up, Mom. I didn't think I'd get rejected. Jeez.
Claire: Dammit. He didn't call.

Andrew: Well, looks like the Uno Party for you.

Jon: LOL
by itsmekellyc September 01, 2011
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