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(N) The combination of the phrase "dream come true." It is time saving and efficient, meant only for those who truly deserving, such as a soul mate. A word that shows a divine connection to the individual who is verbalizing their emotions.
Girl: I love you for so many reasons.

Guy: I love you too, you're my droom.
by NinjaPenguin February 03, 2012
(v) To have an ongoing, noncommittal, sexual relationship with a bartender who works at a strip club.
It's been rough living in Des Moines, but I've been drooming since I got here. All's well!
by Reverend Ryan May 30, 2012
bedroom, sleeping quarters
if I'm not at the 'puter I'll be in the droom.
by April-D January 14, 2006
A mixture of Dog and Groom.
I went to my nature reserve and my dog sarted to Droom me by touching me up.
by benjiee April 17, 2011
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