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A grimoire is a book that contains magic spells to invoke spirits, angels, demons and demigods into our plane of existence. The skilled magician calls forth these entities to usually make them do their bidding. A grimoire should not be taken lightly. Though it is complete with a guide for the rituals, none but an experienced magician should use it. Grimoires usually possess hazy information which is to confuse and discourage the inexperienced. There are many grimoires found around the world. They are even published and can be ordered online nowadays.

One of the most well known grimoires is the Grimoire of Armadel
The mage held the grimoire and uttered the spell solemnly.
#magic #demon #angels #grimoire #spells #book
by SpicaSinistra January 25, 2015
A book used to evoke spirits, particularly demons.
The dipshit opened the grimoire and got a hot load of demon all over his terror-stricken face.
by ISUCKASS August 30, 2003
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