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n.) The uncomfortable phenomenon when two people meet while walking and attempt to pass only to have both persons go in the same direction, thus each continuing to block the path of the other. The occurence is usually brief but unsettling enough to cause grievance and annoyance in one or both parties (or however many are involved).

Also is known as "the get-past-you shuffle", "the pavement tango" and "the thing where you go like 'this'".

The word comes from the book "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Admas and John Lloyd.
The two men met while walking and suffered a brief but awkward droitwich as they tried to get past one another.
by Sin-eater April 12, 2009
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A pretty little town in the midlands also known as 'Droitwich Spa'. It is highly underestimated and is a nice place to live compared to some of its chavvy counterparts in surrounding areas - as long as you make sure you don't live on the 'boycott' or 'westlands' as it is now known. In fact, Ashley Giles the cricketer lives in Droitwich on Lyttleton Road (also known as millionaires row) and many old people potter about on the cobbled high street and around Waitrose. A lot of people came to Droitwich from Birmingham to obtain jobs so people sometimes refer to Droitwich residents as 'Birmingham overspill', but i know lots of people who live here whose roots aren't in Brum so this isn't necessarily true anymore.
by danielle_oliver September 18, 2010
A dance on the sidewalk of a busy street, whereby the partners approach from opposite ends of the pavement to meet in the middle. The pair step to the left, step to the right, appologise, step to the left, laugh, step to the right, appologise and so on. This can happen as many times as neccessary until one of the partners extends their arms to indicate which way he/she will manouvour around their partner.
I hate walking down Queen St at rush hour. Today I had a droitwich with the smelliest guy. I think he was doing it on purpose.
by StoneColdFox May 19, 2009
A shit ass town in the midlands of the uk. Otherwise known as Droitwich Spa for its brine baths. If you are thinking of moving here DONT!
I'm going down to droitwich park to get pissed tonight, want to come?
by mels June 25, 2006

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