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n.) The uncomfortable phenomenon when two people meet while walking and attempt to pass only to have both persons go in the same direction, thus each continuing to block the path of the other. The occurence is usually brief but unsettling enough to cause grievance and annoyance in one or both parties (or however many are involved).

Also is known as "the get-past-you shuffle", "the pavement tango" and "the thing where you go like 'this'".

The word comes from the book "The Meaning of Liff" by Douglas Admas and John Lloyd.
The two men met while walking and suffered a brief but awkward droitwich as they tried to get past one another.
by Sin-eater April 12, 2009
Pronounced "splike" (rhyming with bike or dyke) in which the "q" is expressed with a guttural and not plosive "k" sound.

Pl. "splijqr" (spliker)

n.) Bizarre, awkward feeling when one's equilibrium has been disrupted by means of someone interrupting one's course of action.

vb.) To experience a splijq.
n.) I was going to go get some sodas, but my friend stood up to go get them first, causing me to experience an awkward splijq.

vb.) This dude made me splijq when he took the book i was reaching for and my hand just hovered there for a second.
by Sin-eater April 12, 2009

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