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A dance on the sidewalk of a busy street, whereby the partners approach from opposite ends of the pavement to meet in the middle. The pair step to the left, step to the right, appologise, step to the left, laugh, step to the right, appologise and so on. This can happen as many times as neccessary until one of the partners extends their arms to indicate which way he/she will manouvour around their partner.
I hate walking down Queen St at rush hour. Today I had a droitwich with the smelliest guy. I think he was doing it on purpose.
by StoneColdFox May 19, 2009
Abbreviation for "Fear of missing out."
Justin has FOMO hard. He can't come to see the Chillies tonight coz he couldn't get off work.
by StoneColdFox October 08, 2008

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