Top Definition
the state of being drunk or intoxicated
yo dawg, i got madd drizzed last night
by rizzo June 20, 2003
the act of getting very drunk, or drunk and baked at the same time, invented in sarnia
we're gonna get so drizzed at the party tonight
by el-feneo November 01, 2007
If you're drizzed, you got a pretty damn good buzz and you're chillin! If you're half-drizzed, you're only half drunk, and if you're DRIZZED OUT, THAT MEANS YOU'RE COMPLETELY SHITFACED! :-D
I wasn't wasted, I was prolly drizzed because I wasn't wearing beer goggles and hooking up with random nasty girls again!
by sLs finest 598 October 11, 2003
used by north jersey jewish sluts
I'm drizzed. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
by jjjjjjADFJSAFD May 02, 2008
When inside a bat cave and water from the ceiling drips on you.
I've been drizzed!
by katiekatiekat October 20, 2009
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