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Slang for drunk.

Yo guy, you been hittin that ish hard all night. You GOTS to be drizz B.
by Strumpbar April 28, 2003
The ultimate level of being drunk. It could also be used as another word for "alcohol" and "drinking" . Originated in Toronto at Ursula Franklin Academy way before Drake was famous or started saying it in his music.
A- You were so drizz last night, you chopped that zero.
B- Do you have drizz?
C- Start drizzing you pussy!
by The_Real_Drizz October 18, 2011
Having a Drizz - used to refer to a state of being upset about something that the user of the term when referring to others having one doesn't seem to think is so important. Derived from the word Drizzle which is a light liquid precipitation consisting of liquid water drops smaller than those of rain. In other words, instead of tears, a lighter version of being upset.
She is having a drizz about her bad haircut

'Don't have a drizz about it, it will be ok.'

Man, he was having a drizz all day about breaking up with his girlfriend
by Alknowsbest2 May 19, 2016
small amount of poop (can even just be a stain) found in one's shorts after a workout. can be caused by not whiping well enough or by having leakage of the anus
after a basketball game:

kid 1: hey what's that brown stain in your compression shorts?

kid 2: nothing man. just a dryer burn.

kid 3: ya right kid 2, it's drizz!
by Bass3031 February 16, 2010
Marijuana with high potency, derived from the term dro. Marijuana of medical quality.
Guy 1 : "Ayyyy man where's the drizz?"

Guy 2 : "In my blunt."


Guy 1 : "Dude that drizz last night got me too fried."

Guy 2 : "Hell yeah bro me too, that Colorado medical is CRAZY."'
by BlowenDrizz October 21, 2012
Noun. Alcohol

Adj. State of being drunk or intoxicated
Verb. To drink any alcoholic beverage

Originated from the well known rapper Drizzy Drake, since he was known for consuming large amounts of alcohol.
Yo, i was so drizz yesterday, that i couldn't even walk straight.
Could u pick up some drizz for us tonight?
Are you going to drizz with me at the beach this weekend?
by Team Wiz n Drizz July 01, 2011
1. A nickname that is derived from the nickname "Drizzy Drake"

other variations include "Drizzdrizz, Drizzbag, Drizzle, lil Drizz and Drizz D"
DAmn Drizz is Fine
by jizdrizz January 17, 2011
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