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A bat cave is a really disgusting vagina. a Vagina thats a bat cave could be considered really hairy,old,dry,wide,or a whores vagina.
dude i was going to get with this one chick, but she had a total bat cave.
by DaTheRussianBear November 16, 2006
A goth girl's vagina.
'Seriously bro, all I gotta do is throw on a couple Cure records and I'll be exploring Mysteria's Bat Cave in no time.'
by Solid Eye December 20, 2007
First coined by Lord Seth, in a classic BMXBOARD thread. Discribing a photo of a huge, wide, saggy, cave like vagina send to drewl4130 by a trampy myspace slut.
"quick Robin! to the batcave!"

"how'd you get the batcave lookin so nice? hedgetrimmers? bushhog? garden claw?"
by RyanMLogan August 24, 2006
A cavernous, dank, and generally unpleasant vagina.
"Man that girl is nasty"-guy 1
"Yeah you'd get lost in that Bat Cave"-milkman
by the cotck August 20, 2009
A small dark seldomn used room, known for commonly being used for having a bat.
Jack1: Where's Joe Blogs?
Jack2: He's in the "bat-cave". He might be a while, he had some wank-fodderand starters in hand.
by Mickydee26 August 19, 2008
The Batcave: the vary first goth club back in the early 1980's, originally intended to play darker glam rock & new wave.

the term batcave is also used to refer to the music that was played there as well as anything that sounds like it(predominantly dark bass-heavy glam with elements of horrorpunk, new wave, & postpunk) as well as other goth clubs hopefully that still play actual gothic rock rather than just dark electo, EBM, pop, or metal.

the term Batcaver often shortened to just Bat may be used at times to refer to people who go to these clubs or are fans of such music.
the Bat cave was demolished and turned into an apartment complex, but it's spirit is still undead
by AEtherclaw March 18, 2009
When your at a party and you grab two beers and hide one in a secret hiding spot each time thus building a bat cave.
"Damn there's no more beer and I pitched in!"

"Gotham needs us"

by JEWFIST January 20, 2012
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