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"shit" in Norweigan
Our Norweigan friend told us "not to take Drit from anyone"
by Your Mom's Box March 28, 2004
Shit in the literal sense. Used as a euphemism by people too squeamish to say shit, too cool to say excrement, and too grown-up to say poopy.
Ick! You've got dog drit on your shoe!
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
Drit means "Shit" In norwegian but used by some as a slang term for something negative or bad.
Man: Hows Life treating you?
Woman: Nothing but Drit.


Man: Hows Life treating you?
Woman: Its Dritty.
by Eichenkatze November 01, 2006
A combination of the words drunk and shits
Fuck dude I drank way to much last night. I got a mad case of the drits.
by KingJew August 30, 2009
n. Any person acting ratchet, usually due to large amounts of vodka, and possesses an ability to twerk anywhere in any position. A key characteristic of a Drit is that they do not care about who, what, where, when how and why. Also, they sing and rap loudly.
v. Dritted. To get dritted. To become a turnt up hot mess, twerk, and look ratchet.
The original Drit, named her self this, and as a party favorite, everyone wants to be a Drit.
Drits can be seen wearing very little, with too much hanging out at public events, on someone's front porch, or posted up on some curb, sipping vodka, bent over twerking while singing to their favorite jam.
by Flwrzinherhair July 26, 2013
The nickname used by hot blond guys in highschool.
Yo Drit, what's new?
by Jarrett April 15, 2003
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