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something that is cool
that shirt is sooo, DRIPPIN!!!
by Mia136 November 12, 2012
10 12
The act of drinking while tripping on either acid, mushrooms, or cough medicine. Usually results in blackouts and injuries.
"That girl at that party was talking some other shit."
"Yeah that bitch must be drippin' or sometin."
by gangstercupcake July 20, 2009
9 11
To lack. Generally in relation to people.
Girl 1: Did you hear about J-Lo and Marc Anthony?
Girl 2: Yeah, she is drippin a marriage!

Guy 1: She is really nice but has no curves.
Guy 2: She is drippin a donk.
by not drippin July 17, 2011
6 11
A dip done with the body. One holds one of his/her arms straight up while the other arm is used to grasp the underside of the bicep region. Then the person bends low at the knees. Almost like Tea-Bagging. Orginated from the 831
1:I saw that fag drippin on your girl last night.
2:And I didn't get any of that action?
by Shitfacedbitch June 28, 2011
4 9
when an individual hates on anothers swagg
Person1: doug, them jordans is wack
person2: nigga, why you drippin?
by Spray.painT April 18, 2011
3 8
The act of drinking alcohol, preferably Dripping Springs Vodka. One is drippin when they have a cup of their drink of choice and they are relaxing on a porch somewhere.
I can't wait to get home so I can start drippin.

Welcome to the drippin porch; grab a drink!

We dripped so much, now we're weavin.
by Drippin crew May 26, 2009
77 82
sick, awesome, stylish.
yo dude did you see pats new whip.. that things totally drippin
by J.sinats September 18, 2011
1 7