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Extending from its meaning of water leaving a faucet. To drip is to percipitate in a barely detectable manner.
I barely noticed the rain because it was only dripping, but after awhile the downpour commensed.
by Imhotep November 15, 2004
14 21
A case of clamydia or gonorrhea where as a males penis drips or leaks pus, urin, seamen unwillingly due to the infection.
Scooby: " Did you hear Jo Jo's dick got the Drips ?"

Short T : " no man! Thats what he gets for fucken around with these nasty hoes. "
by She She January 18, 2006
289 74
1. A loser
2. A wet dangling piece of snot from one's nostril.
3. The fluid and powder that flows down the back of your throat from your nasal passages after snorting drugs.
4. Something you should tell your doctor and not a girl you're trying to impress
So i was bangin this whore last night and this morning i had the drip
by Sir Spunk January 20, 2003
326 136
mucus-like fluid that runs down the back of ones throat after snorting drugs. (based on my experiences) often takes a few minutes to reach your mouth after snorting said drug. Tastes really bad if it enters your mouth.
The drip I got from snorting a caffeine pill was nasty!
by brian January 08, 2006
245 144
The nasty taste you get in your throat/mouth after snorting cocaine.
"Shiiiit son, I've got the worst drips right now."
"Yeah, I know man. It tastes like ass."
by Taaash November 12, 2006
153 66
A case of clamydia or gonorrhea
by Dahulk19 September 06, 2003
145 88
Boring, tiresome and annoying person without any sense of humor.
omg, Elisabeth Ref. won't drink at the party, she's such a drip!
by bechinsky August 14, 2012
66 26
the after effect when snorting cocian, meth whatever white drug you prefer. and your nose runs as you constintly have the sniffles.
Damn bro that was a fat line your gonna have da drips
by T-Bo February 26, 2005
98 64