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When somebody goes on and on being really boring.
I hate sitting next to George in class, he drills.
by Kierz August 19, 2005
To hit someone very hard.
He was being an asshole so I drilled him in the nose.
by The Asshole Killer August 03, 2007
A sport team for girls in high school and some colleges.
Can also be called the dance team.
The ppl on drill team are sooo anti-cheerleaders.
by Anti-Cheerleader August 04, 2003
to be annoying or to annoy
that girl is proper drill
by LOLZZZZ March 23, 2006
noun: A skateboard, usually longer than the usual.

verb: To ride such a skateboard.
Did I leave my drill in your trunk? When can you bring it over?

The rain stopped a few hours ago, want to go drilling?
by bpizz July 13, 2005
To have sexual intercourse with more than one groupie at a time.
Man, let's go drill these groupies.
by Byron January 23, 2003
only one of the best, up and comming hard rock bands around.\
HEY, fuckers did ya goto that drill show last night ? That light show they had was fucking awesome.
by BIG fan January 12, 2005