to accept what was unexpected
Dude 1 - hey bro, sorry to hear about the death in the family

Dude 2 - yeah man, i'm starting to drill it
by Casper666 April 28, 2010
When somebody goes on and on being really boring.
I hate sitting next to George in class, he drills.
by Kierz August 19, 2005
A sport team for girls in high school and some colleges.
Can also be called the dance team.
The ppl on drill team are sooo anti-cheerleaders.
by Anti-Cheerleader August 04, 2003
To hit someone very hard.
He was being an asshole so I drilled him in the nose.
by The Asshole Killer August 03, 2007
noun: A skateboard, usually longer than the usual.

verb: To ride such a skateboard.
Did I leave my drill in your trunk? When can you bring it over?

The rain stopped a few hours ago, want to go drilling?
by bpizz July 13, 2005
to be annoying or to annoy
that girl is proper drill
by LOLZZZZ March 23, 2006
To have sexual intercourse with more than one groupie at a time.
Man, let's go drill these groupies.
by Byron January 23, 2003

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