Drifting, the art of controling an out of control vehicle.
Drifting is not a race at all but rather a subjective sport where drivers compete against each other but are judged on the basis of style and execution--think of it as the 'figure skating' of motorsports, a controlled ballet of lightweight vehicles sliding around a turn to make the most stylized and complex drift possible. As it is not a race, drivers are not timed but are judged using a point system based on form, and the high scorer of each heat advances to the next round. To create his (or her) own style, each driver customizes their vehicle with aftermarket parts that shape their personal style and performance. Only certain models are chosen for competitive drifting; though almost any car can be caused to drift momentarily due to a loss of control, the necessity of being able to control the drift requires that only rear-wheel drive and some all wheel drive vehicles be used. Typically, drift drivers use inexpensive and lightweight Japanese vehicles such as the Nissan 240SX and its Japanese counterpart, the Silvia, but American cars have been used in competition recently as well.
by Mr Drift September 03, 2006
Drifting (v.) The act of an Xbox 360 controller 'skipping' when playing a first person shooter (such as Modern Warfare 2). Usually caused by getting pizza dough in it; causes a higher sensitivity in the analog sticks.
Cowan was playing CoD with James, Clark, and Stru one day when his Uncle Gianluca needed help in the kitchen making a calzone. As he was kneading the dough, he got his controller caught in it and got pizza dough under the joysticks. To this day, the controller has him drifting all over the place if he's trying to quick scope.
by UglyStru August 14, 2010
The act of masturbating is also known as drifting .

Whiles drifting a car consist of high level of control with the hand , it's also about lossing control resulting alot of fun.Thus come drifting = masturbating
The amount of drifting you're doing . I'm gonna run out of cucumbers.
by Teabagtim May 13, 2016
The act of of farting while walking by someone with the intent that they will smell it after you pass by
Watch out, Gordo had taco bell for lunch. He's been drifting everyone
by raginrobbie December 23, 2009
Sliding your car through a set of opposed and grouped turns without having rear wheel traction as your car moves laterally through the turns
by Cameron Leslie February 04, 2003
to drift is to "seperate" or to "not keep in touch with" someone or people.
"we drifted bad! i wish we got back to before.."
by ladystreets2 December 29, 2004
The art of oversteer.
Causing a car's rear end to break loose while entering a corner, thereby setting up the 'slip angles' for a quick exit speed
See drifter
Chapel and Slonie are pretty good at drifting
by Chapel April 03, 2003
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