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A person who drifts from place to place, homeless wanderer. Is in search of a new place to live for a while, and then drifts off to another. Simialer to a nomad, only a drifer is usally a hobo.
We saw a drifter on the train tracks with a bag, heading east.
by Britney April 10, 2004
54 68
A person, with no real place to call their home. They wander from place to place, sometimes looking for something. Sometimes becuase its the only way to get away from everything that made them become drifters in the first place. We all have our reasons for it.

Drifters move from place to place...once their problems catch up to them, or they've had what fun they can get out of the place they are at, they move on again. They are but simple wanderers, for whatever reasons they have to be one.

Some consider them bottem feeders, just wasting everything from everyone else. Hobo's are often considered drifters. They may be homeless, but hobo's can't get around, or rely on themselves, thus they go to homeless shelters. A drifter may not have a home, but they are self reliant. They live alone, and have to rely only on themselves.

Only when they find a reason to stay somewhere, will they no longer be a drifter.
"Maybe I'll just disappear again. Too many people, and too many problems. And I can't do anything to help."
by DrifterX May 04, 2005
451 101
Drifters are people who move from clique to clique, without comforming completey to any, naming themselves as Drifters in an effort to fight back against stereotypes. It's possible to identify them through a belt hanging from one belt loop. However, this style has become more mainstream in some areas.
He doesn't stick to one clique, he is a drifter
by TheFrog October 13, 2006
134 107
a person who intenionally breaks rear tire traction while cornering, usually following the racing line. This is someone who drifts, see drifting
Wow, look at that drifter in that DB9!
by GTP_TunerFocus July 28, 2010
63 45
n. 1) radical skateboarding move in which one moves transversely across a sloped surface so as to induce a skid of the rear wheels.

2) a stock movie character who has a hidden, damaging past and a big heart ... which he usually keeps in a gunnysack.

3) a sexual euphemism.
Dude! Like did you hear man? I totally did a drifter in the skatepark yesterday!

Hmmm. I'm not sure that's something to crow about. Oh! You mean the skater move.

Actually, no.
by gnostic1 August 17, 2011
30 39
Drifter is the bedtime bifter.
"Yeah mate, gonna roll a drifter and try and hit the hay"
by Ms.C.Vandal October 21, 2011
10 22
A person, or persons that look like they would be able to buy a minor some alchohol. ususally found inside of walmart, or out in the parking lot.
Nate: Hey man you want to go to walmart to look for some potential drifters?
Jesse: Ya sure man, what are drifters?
Nate: someone to buy you alch.


Nate: Lets go hunt down some drifters for alch
Jesse: Sounds good man, lets get messed up
by The real Teet October 04, 2009
6 18
codeine, a perscription pain killer taken to achieve a state of stupor.
"dude i popped three drifters last nite, i was drooling all over myself"
by ericdolphy September 09, 2006
5 18