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Ah, yes... the dribbler. During oral sex, the dribbler can be attained by punching a woman in the mouth PROMPTLY upon ejaculating forcing her to spill saliva (teeth, if you're lucky) and your man batter all over herself... This is how two people who truly love each other consumate their relationship. Enjoy!
The Dribbler: blow it in a chick's face then deck her. No real rocket science behind it. Slight variations will be tolerated, so feel free to experiment.
by RPD June 01, 2006
Opposite of Geist Editor; Pure Internet Hilarity; the feeling of awesomeness one gets from rocking the fuck out to some Jello Biafra while watching episodes of La Blue Girl; the key to Japanese-American international relations
by RPD March 29, 2003
A college student who's knowledge of Japanese Sentai Shows and Digimon is only rivaled by his unbridled hatred for Arsenio Hall and the new Star Search
If anything happens to Naomi Judd's housepets, Mainyu should be the first place you look
by RPD March 29, 2003
Undisputed Gerbil King, master of his own domain
RagnaRocket is seen as a hero to small children!
by RPD March 29, 2003
The most feared commonity known to man. Able to crash a human skull with ease due to the fact that it's an ANVIL MADE OUT OF ICE. There's no hope to stop Ice Anvil, it will surely rule us all one day.
As Mary looked up towards the sky to admire the noon day sun, ICE ANVIL dropped on her head, killing her instantly. 'Twas was a lovely day that day, though.
by RPD March 29, 2003

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