Driving while texting
Hey dude stop drexting, its causing you to swerve and we have a van full of people drinking, if Johnnie law pulls us over we are f'd!
by aztec709 December 11, 2009
Top Definition
Text messaging while drunk - drunk texting. Similar to drunk dialing - calling people while drunk.
After a few beers, I was drexting all night.
by Keith Simonsen January 04, 2007
The act of driving and texting
Jolean was drexting, which lead her to crash into a tree disfiguring her face and leaving her in a coma.
by monamiejorge May 22, 2010
driving while texting
will you please stop drexting, you're going to get into an accident
by J-Pow9482 June 03, 2010
Driving and texting
She got caught drexting and her license was suspended.
by KathyCreative October 28, 2010
Sending images of yourself or others dressed up in various outfits, and/or receiving the same.
Like sexting which is sending sexy images, Drexting is sending dressy images.
Whereas sexting usually involves taking clothes off, Drexting involves putting clothes on.
"What can we wear to the ball?"
"Well... Let's raid our closets and do a little Drexting; I'm sure we'll come up with something."
by That Dance Guy May 30, 2012
Driving and Texting= drexting
Sorry for the bad spelling, I'm drexting.
by ReHabNurse August 17, 2014
texting while driving
greg is always drexting, it is really scary.
by rhettzi August 30, 2011

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