An effeminate man with limited acting skills who is liked only by impressionable fangirls. He is also objectified by women, the same who dislike being objectified themselves by men.
TWoPper: Alyssa Milano is such a slut. I saw her ankle today on Charmed. Good thing Drew Fuller aka "The Pretty" was there to make it watchable. He should take his shirt off or be naked more. I don't care if he can't act, he deserves a spinoff show.
Anyone else: Why do you hate "The Milanho" and love Drew Fuller so much, when Alyssa has proved to be a good actress, something Fuller is not.
DF Fangirl: Because he's so hooot! And Lyssie is a skank!
by Zythe September 10, 2005
Top Definition
The most sexiest, fittest, buffest, hottest, handsomest, gorgeous hottest, fittest, sexiest man on this earth (and adam brody)! He plays Chris Perry in a TV series called Charmed and he is sooooooooooooooo fit!
~ Hey, can't wait to see Drew Fuller tonight!
- Hey, no way, you watchin Charmed?
~ Yeah, and he is so fit!
by DrewFullerIsFit February 10, 2005
A very hot actor who was most recently Chris Perry on Charmed. He modeled when he was 16 and is about 6'1. He is the epitome of gorgeous!
I would give my left arm to meet Drew Fuller. He is so freakin sexy.
by ShortDarkAndPretty March 18, 2005
fittest guy ever 2 star in charmed! other dan brian krause @ da beginning! he played chris den they killed him off!
Drew fullers so fitt!
by carlz October 28, 2004
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