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One who practices a combination of Judaism and Wicca.
I wish I knew more people who know what a Jewitch is.
by ShortDarkAndPretty March 18, 2005
A very hot actor who was most recently Chris Perry on Charmed. He modeled when he was 16 and is about 6'1. He is the epitome of gorgeous!
I would give my left arm to meet Drew Fuller. He is so freakin sexy.
by ShortDarkAndPretty March 18, 2005
Jewish American Princess. Used to describe spoiled jewish girls, but should not be used lightly because it IS a derogatory term.
I can't believe the TEACHER called her a JAP. There are some jappy girls at school, but she isn't one.
by ShortDarkAndPretty March 18, 2005

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