this really funny and wacky kid that that says "psht" a lot and refers to cupcakes as "small cakes" or "foil cakes" also turns red when embarassed. also goes by the name andrew b. j.
me:yo what up dres?
dres: psshht!
me: no psht to YOU!
by el July 02, 2004
Wannabe rappers who often cant rap but try to. Tools include $12 home computer microphones and notepad.
Ay yo, ya heard that new dres? Def on that ill be there tip but he aint showing up with ish.
by UndaCuvaBuk May 09, 2007
Greek work meaning man or bro. Has been modified to english street talk, it still means the same thing. Mostly said by wogs talking english.
I told you she's mine d're.
by Andre Francis February 13, 2003
Another form of saying Padres ie MLB team.
"Ah damn the dres lost again."
by theunemp August 10, 2005
A person with a huge ego and a tiny cock. Thinks he can get any pussy he wants by rejecting girls to seem cool. Is known for violent sexual behavior and unpredictability.
Katy: Hey wanna go out, its only 9 o'clock?
Megan: No we can't! Dre is somewhere outside, he'll rape us


Matt: Dude you're acting so gay, dont be such a dre
Justin: Alright man


Cathy: How is Dre in bed?
Julia: Are you kidding? he has such a small dick
by dreas January 21, 2014
A verb used to show the owning of another usually a female in bed
Frank: how did u do wit that girl shannon last night
Andre: don't worry I showed that ho how I dre hehehe
Frank: go get em andre
by cafarella May 12, 2008
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