Stands for Disk Reading Error. Videogame term unheard before the arrival of the PS2, now very common due the dubious quality of the hardware used by Sony. Commonly used on internet message boards by poor, unsuspecting gamers that can't play the latest Square game.
OMG! My PS2 got DRE again!!!!!!!!!!! Whers my Rikku???!!!!
by The Pi November 09, 2003
Digital Rectal Examination. A procedure in which the examiner's lubricated index finger is inserted into the rectum of a patient in the left lateral decubitus postion. Done in order to check for cancer or hypertrophy of the prostate (in men), metastatic cancer to the rectouterine Pouch of Douglas (in women), and rectocolonic cancer (both sexes).
"I've been having some problems with my prostate, so I went to dr.dre to get it checked out."
by rapmasta December 15, 2003
Derived from the acronym DRE meaning Drug Recognition Expert. This term was founded by the Los Angeles Police department, and is thought by many to be where the famous Dr.Dre got his name.
Man they got the DRE on me and ticketed me for DUI.
by killakali April 29, 2007
(D)igital (R)ectal (E)xam
FUCK MAN! I just got a D.R.E. up in my ass!
by PsychoJ55 October 26, 2004
verb; to dre. the act of pouring andre champagne from a "waterfall" position into someones mouth. the more messy occureneces of dre are known as chamditioner
you dre'd him so hard, man.

shit someone must've dre'd last night cuz my porch reeks of champagne
by tshitz September 15, 2010
Short name for Mac Dre, famous bay area rapper.
Yo, Put some Dre music on.
by Juan Turrentino September 06, 2007
this really funny and wacky kid that that says "psht" a lot and refers to cupcakes as "small cakes" or "foil cakes" also turns red when embarassed. also goes by the name andrew b. j.
me:yo what up dres?
dres: psshht!
me: no psht to YOU!
by el July 02, 2004

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