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The most beautiful and loving person in the world. Great with kids and a perfect marriage candidate. Must treat with respect a care because of the rarity of this type of person. Shavon's are quite possibly God's greatest creation. Love them dearly for their love cannot be measured.
Shavon is the greatest!

I love Shavon!

Don't mess with Shavon or you will pray for death!
by HackBen27a February 03, 2010
Really fucking hot chick. Always steals another girls boyfriends but isn't a slut. Has a really tight pussy :]
Girl1: Fuck. Shavon stole my boyfriend again.
Girl2: Well she fucked mine and he said my pussy was loose after he fucked her.
by shitcockassfuck May 14, 2007
A undercover freak. Likes to fuck alot of men but keeps it on the low. Made it out the hood but still has hood tenancies.
1. I met this shavon chick at my job, she may only type 20 words a minute but she can suck a dick like a motherfucker.

2.Met a shavon on myspace. We went to the movies and within 2 hours she was begging me to fuck her in the ass.
by james dugan August 15, 2008