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an insult used in family guy buy chris's bully against peter
You're a fat numbnuts.

Kyle, i said SHUT UP!

You're a poopnose!

(Beating ensues)
by larsonator April 01, 2007
kickass anime a very good show whoever says its not needs to take pills
Escaflowne kicks butt

so does cowboy bebop
by larsonator May 05, 2007
character in soul calibur with moderately big boobs which jiggle as you see the bottom half
thats y tiras fun 2 use aside from cool moves
by larsonator June 14, 2007
to depict something one sees in nature, household, etc. or that you made up yourself. Usually refers to paper-on-pencil.
shut up, im drawing

don't disturb him, hes drawing

hes a noob at drawing
by larsonator June 04, 2007
An awesome manga about a self-described "hunter of evil... stuff" with problems saying homophonetic words, and a girl with a serious case of amnesia. Was published cos it won second in Tokyopop's first manga contest. It would make a killer anime.
Van Von hunter rocks so hard itll make ur neighbors deaf.
by Larsonator January 17, 2007
Someone who wears an expensively tailored suit and carries an expensive, usually custom weapon or weapons. Usually Italian or Asian, but exceptions do exist. Participates in organized crime, usually related to bootlegging illegal drugs and weapons, but often involved with abuse of women and extortion. M1928 Thompson submachine guns and Peacemakers or M1911 Colt .45s were trademarks of Prohibition-era gangsters, but the TEC-9, MAC10, M9 Beretta, and Glock 17 are the most common weapons on today's streets.
Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Crips, Bloods, etc. are famous gangsters.
by larsonator August 06, 2007

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