Acting out of character
You drawin pass the blunt.
Quit drawin we meed to do this
by Matty Smizz March 13, 2005
Gettin' on somebody nerves, or being joe.
"Hey yo y you gotta be drawin' like that?!"

"Stop playin' Alicia, you drawin' fo' real!"
by Laquita October 19, 2003
Simple to draw attention to yourself or persons next to you
Why you Drawin?
You Drawin!
by carlos May 01, 2003
( v.) to call attention to one's self in an annoying way.
"check janie, she's really drawin'" or
"dag, janie, why you drawin'?"
by meh. June 18, 2004
A term originated in philly meaning to mess up the natural order of things. to foil a plan or to cause confusion. doing something that your are not suppose to be doing
i was trying to talk her. but her friend was drawin' on me

your drew on me back there, why didnt you help me
by Doomsday Trey April 04, 2010
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