A term originated in philly meaning to mess up the natural order of things. to foil a plan or to cause confusion. doing something that your are not suppose to be doing
i was trying to talk her. but her friend was drawin' on me

your drew on me back there, why didnt you help me
by Doomsday Trey April 04, 2010
Meaning That Your Drawing Extra Unnecessary Attention To Yourself Or Others.
Person 1: Did You Get The Money?
Person 2: Yeah, I Got All Over It!
Person 1: Alright Let's Go Than!
Person 2: Nah, I Want More!
Person 1: Nah, Let's Just Leave Already Man..We Got Enough..STOP DRAWIN BRUH!
by Dominique Nelson February 03, 2009
someone or something is being unfair,disrespectful,or just downright wrong.
My mother is drawin'
by Casandra December 21, 2004
Drawing. To understand, to believe. To feel akin to. Chicago.
I took ol girl to the flicks and she was with it afterwards, you drawin?
by dread Mothafuckin Mighty September 13, 2009

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